Kanazawa in Kimono 1-day Travel Plan
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Kimono Rental Process

1.No need to bring anything
Just a five-minute walk from Kanazawa Station!
2. Selecting a kimono
Select your favorite from our 800 kimonos.
3. Putting on kimono
We dress you carefully so you don’t have to worry about your kimono coming loose during the day.
4. Hairstyling
Choose your hairstyle from five examples.
5. A day of sightseeing while wearing a kimono is a lot of fun!
We also offer photo shoot plans and sightseeing taxi plans, as well.

Choose one of the two return options below.

  • Return at Kokoyui
    Bring your kimono back to Kokoyui by 5:30 to change back.

  • Return at your hotel
    Go back to your hotel in your kimono and change back in your own room.

Shop Information and Access

By reservation only

5-min.walk from Kanazawa Station