Kanazawa in Kimono 1-day Travel plan

Enjoy a memorable day in Kanazawa, the perfect place to wear a kimono. From selecting a kimono to having your hair styled, getting dressed takes about 90 minutes, and after that the day is yours to spend in Kanazawa. The kimono is easy to walk around in or eat in, too, making it nice and comfortable.

When making your reservation, all we need to know is when you'll be coming to our shop, how many men and women are in your group, and how many people will need their hair styled.

When you arrive at Kokoyui, you can then choose a kimono rental plan based on your plans or what you like best.

For Women彩 Aya Plansynthetic fiber or wool kimono and half-width obi belt

¥5,000 (plus tax)

For Women心 Kokoro Plangenuine silk kimono and Nagoya obi belt

¥8,000 (plus tax)

For Women和 Wa Planantique kimono or Kaga-yuzen dyed kimono and Nagoya obi belt

¥12,000 (plus tax)

Summer浴衣 Yukata Plan

Weekdays ¥4,500 (plus tax)
Fri., Sat., and Holidays Only ¥5,500 (plus tax)

Also available for men or children

For Man粋 Iki Plan

¥7,000 (plus tax)

For Children梅 Ume Plansynthetic fiber or wool kimono

¥4,000 (plus tax)

For Children桜 Sakura Plangenuine silk kimono

¥7,000 (plus tax)

Free rental items

Everything you need for your day in your kimono isincluded for free!
No need to worry about Kanazawa’s unpredictable weather!

OK for all
  • Zori sandals
  • Bag
  • Japanese-style umbrella
  • Kimono raincoat
  • Zori sandal covers
  • Haori coat
  • Gloves
  • Shawl
The form for resavesion and inquiry