Kanazawa in Kimono 1-day Travel plan

Kimono Rental Plans with Interpreter and Your Choice of Photo Shoot or Sightseeing

These plans include an interpreter or a licensed interpreter-guide. Choose a kimono, have your hair styled, and have a wonderful day. Great for travelers who would like to have a fluent-English-speaking guide with them for the day!

At Kokoyui, to make your day in kimono enjoyable, we offer the following plans that include an interpreter to accompany you: a photo shoot at famous sightseeing destinations or a guided tour of the Kanazawa’s must-go spots.


We also offer 10% discount if you reserve a plan with an interpreter and pay deposit via PayPal 10 days before the date of booking.

The PayPal System will send you the invoice for deposit (10% of the normal price).
If you pay this deposit, as it will be instructed in the e-mail,
you will have 10% discount, so just pay 80% of the normal price at Kokoyui.
※ Deposit shall not be refundable.


Normal price
58,800 yen
Paypal deposit
- 5,800 yen
Discount at Kokoyui
- 5,800 yen
Total amount you will pay at Kokoyui
46,400 yen + consumption tax

If you agree with the terms above, please contact us via email or through our web site, and we'll send you a payment request email for our PayPal deposit system that you can pay with your credit card.

We offer 600 different kimono options for you to choose from for these plans. The pictures shown here are just a few examples.

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