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Feature of kokoyui rentals kimono

As you might know, renting kimono is quite popular in Kyoto. However, most kimono rental shops offer polyester kimono instead of silk ones. kimono made from this fabric get worn out easily and don't breathe well, making wearing them an uncomfortable experience. Also, to preserve the condition of the material, the staff tend to tie your sash tighter than necessary, which makes things even worse. In addition, many polyester kimonos have flashy patterns. While these may be popular with younger women, they tend to prefer more authentic patterns as they get older. They say the first impression is the most important one, and this applies to kimono as well. We at Kokoyui want to make your first kimono experience one that you'll treasure forever.

Our Passion for Quality

Kokoyui places a premium on quality. We offer traditional kimono made from 100 percent silk. Once you experience the smooth, delicate texture of a high-quality kimono, you won't want to take it off! For those sensitive to heat, we also provide summer kimono, cotton yukata, traditional "Noto-Joufu" made of hemp, and several other options. And for those on a budget, we also have kimono made of polyester and wool available for rent.

Our Motto

Our staff wear kimono almost every day, so we prize both comfort and practicality. By utilizing rubber, string, and various other materials, we can preserve the condition of our kimono while also ensuring a pleasant experience for the wearer. Pleasure and pragmatism—that's our motto.

A Plethora of Designs

Kokoyui boasts more than 500 kimonos and a variety of patterns, both classic and novel. We love helping our customers find the perfect kimono for their needs. One age-old characteristic of Japanese fashion is that people always look ahead to the next season. For example, though it may be the dead of winter, wearing a kimono with a floral pattern makes everyone around you anticipate the raptures of spring, with its balmy breezes and beautiful cherry blossoms. kimono are harbingers of the seasons.

Free Protective Gear for Inclement Weather

Is it raining out? No worries! If you need some extra warmth, we have "haori" cardigans and "michiyuki" coats available for free rental. We also offer long raincoats, shoe covers and traditional-style umbrellas to keep your kimono from getting drenched. If it's snowy or cold outside, we provide shawls and arm warmers, all for free! Just because it rains doesn't mean you can't shine!

Returning the kimono

Want to wear your kimono until late at night? No problem! We offer a hotel return service, as well as a next-day-return option. For details, feel free to ask one of our staff.