Obi: Sashes

There are several varieties of obi, such as Hanhaba-Obi (half-width obi), Nagoya-Obi (the most common obi), and Fukuro-Obi (the most formal obi). We offer a wide array of colors, patterns, and tying methods.
Left : A Hanhaba-Obi tied into a fancy bow. Right:A Nagoya-Obi tied in the "Otaiko" style.

Obijime: Obi String

This is more than just a string for keeping the obi in place. It helps you to accent and coordinate your outfit. "Obijime" come in many designs and colors.

Obidome: Sash Clip

The "obidome" is an ornament attached to the "obijime" cord. There are several kinds of obidome featuring designs such as animals, flowers, snow crystals, and so on. Choose one that suits you! Some notable varieties include the ceramic "Seto-Yaki" ornaments and colorful stained glass ornaments. We even have some original porcelain obidome made in the famous "Kutani-Yaki" style. Just looking at these accessories is fun!