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The 'Kanazawa kimono Tour' with Licensed Guide

Casual kimono Change hairstyle
(for women)
Interpreter Kanazawa tour
  3 hours 6 hours  
per person ¥37,950 ¥57,750

per couple
(man and woman)
¥46,200 ¥66,000
per 2 people
¥52,800 ¥69,300
per family
(father, mother
and a child)
¥57,750 ¥77,000

※All price include tax

A licensed guide will translate how to wear kimono while you are getting dressed at our shop. It's not just renting kimono, but also a great opportunity for a person who wants to learn it, or wants to experience a Japanese traditional culture.

Why don't you have a precious time in Kanazawa?

As soon as you get dressed, a licensed guide will start showing you around Kanazawa for all the day or the half.

The number of people in price list is only one instance among many.
Group rates are available for parties or families.
Please ask us through the form for inquiry!


Please make sure that you will be charged following fees for your guide!

1. Transportation
*Additional taxi fare to our shop will be charged in case of a request for early morning or midnight.
2. All expenses during the tour such as admission fee, communication expenses and etc.
3. Meals: breakfast ¥1,100; lunch ¥1,650; dinner ¥2,200.
*The actual expense in case of having meals together.

10% Discount for Early Booking
We also offer 10% discount if you reserve a plan with an interpreter and pay deposit via PayPal 10 days before the date of booking .

The PayPal System will send you the invoice for deposit (10% of the normal price).
If you pay this deposit, as it will be instructed in the e-mail, you will have 10% discount, so just pay 80% of the normal price at Kokoyui.
※ Deposit shall not be refundable.

Normal price ¥58,800
Pay pal deposit - ¥5,800
Discount at Kokoyui - ¥5,800
Total amount you will pay at Kokoyui ¥46,400

※All prices do not include tax