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The package that you can experience Koto or Nihonbuyō with kimono

Casual kimono Change hairstyle
(for women)
Interpreter Experience Koto
or Nihonbuyo

Koto : traditional Japanese harp

Nihonbuyō : Japanese dancing

¥37,800 (plus tax)/per person
¥52,500 (plus tax)/per 2 people(women)

¥16,800 (plus tax)/per person
¥31,500 (plus tax)/per 2 people(women)

Kanzawa has kept the traditional Japanese culture. So you can experience playing Koto harp, dancing Nihonbuyō with wearing kimono or attending incense-smelling ceremony.
You can try playing the Koto in the old-established shop of traditional Japanese musical instruments.
At a traditional incense shop, you can try incense-smelling ceremony. You will enjoy a refined and elegant game of incense-smelling.
Nihonbuyō will be taught by Ms. Saori Nishikawa. She is the grand master of one of the most famous schools of Nihonbuyō.
You can choose whichever you want. Each plan takes for 1 hour and you can learn Japanese culture. You can feel the spirit of Japanese and learn to have graceful manners and behavior.
This plan is our original. Let's experience the traditional Japanese performing arts in Kanazawa.

10% Discount for Early Booking
We also offer 10% discount if you reserve a plan with an interpreter and pay deposit via PayPal 10 days before the date of booking .

The PayPal System will send you the invoice for deposit (10% of the normal price).
If you pay this deposit, as it will be instructed in the e-mail, you will have 10% discount, so just pay 80% of the normal price at Kokoyui.
※ Deposit shall not be refundable.

Normal price ¥58,800
Pay pal deposit - ¥5,800
Discount at Kokoyui - ¥5,800
Total amount you will pay at Kokoyui ¥46,400

※All prices do not include tax