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Plans for couples

Casual kimono Formal kimono Change hairstyle
(for women)
(for women)
Interpreter Photography DVD (50~100 pictures / per one-hour-photo-shoot))#

# We will make a DVD (50~100 pictures / one-hour-photoshoot) from the photos of you, then we will ship it! DVD will be delivered in two or three months. (Postage included)

A plan with photographs

In this plan, a photographer will go with you and take pictures of you with an interpreter. You may keep your memories in Kanazawa by photographs.
We will guide you to some spots we have recommended. And you could relax while we are taking some pictures of you. It will take about 1 hour to take pictures. After that you are free and enjoy going sightseeing.
Nowadays this plan has received a favorable review.
We offer a hotel return service, as well as a next-day-return option. For details, feel free to ask one of our staff.

*Two casual kimono rent is included,

Optional menu An extra photo shoot can be added to this plan as an optional. It's charged per place within one hour (50 pictures). ¥12,800

※All prices do not include tax

The ‘formal couple’ plan for photoshoot

We offer you this fabulous plan that you wear traditional wedding kimono for your memory, or some other formal kimono such as Kaga-Yuzen for your anniversary. We are honored that we can take pictures of you and your partner for your wonderful memory in your life.

It's great for a couple who are marrying soon, visiting Kanazawa as a honey moon, or celebrating anniversary.

If you are already married, Kaga-Yuzen homon-gi (a formal kimono for visiting) is suitable for you. If you are not yet married, you still can wear furisode (a long-sleeved formal kimono) or a wedding kimono, of course!

Why don't you wear a genuine kimono for beautiful pictures?
It must be a great memory of your travel in Japan.

We offer you kimono, hair styling, photo shoot, and an interpreter for this plan. So don't worry about the language!
Just so you know, you can wear kimono only for photo shoot. Free stroll is not allowed in this plan.

The place for photoshoot is changed dependig on weather. If it rains, we will go to a studio. If it's good weather for photoshoot, we will take you to a nice place in Kanazawa.

*Two formal kimono rents are included, such as furisode (a long-sleeved female kimono), homon-gi (a female kimono for visiting), or hakama (a traditional male suit).

Optional menu An extra photo shoot can be added to this plan as an optional. It's charged per place within one hour (50 pictures). ¥12,800

※All prices do not include tax

A plan to go sightseeing for couples wearing kimono
(A simple plan for couples)

This plan includes two sets of kimono and hair arrangement for woman.
You will enjoy wearing kimono and walking around Kanazawa.
Let's go for a stroll in kimono! Please just make sure that you should be back to our shop by 17:30 for returning kimono!

*Let us inform you that anyone who is on his/her birthday, their wedding anniversary and honeymoon; We will treat you specially and kindly.

10% Discount for Early Booking
We also offer 10% discount if you reserve a plan with an interpreter and pay deposit via PayPal 10 days before the date of booking .

The PayPal System will send you the invoice for deposit (10% of the normal price).
If you pay this deposit, as it will be instructed in the e-mail, you will have 10% discount, so just pay 80% of the normal price at Kokoyui.
※ Deposit shall not be refundable.

Normal price ¥58,800
Pay pal deposit - ¥5,800
Discount at Kokoyui - ¥5,800
Total amount you will pay at Kokoyui ¥46,400

※All prices do not include tax