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Optional Menu with Kimono

Wearing a kimono will definetely be a good memory when traveling in Japan. What about to try the traditional Japanese arts or having a snap photo session? That will make your day even more special!

Snap Photo Session

After getting dressed in kimono, why don’t you preserve your memories taking a picture? We have a photo studio ready for you!
Our photographer will take pictures of you from which you will be able to choose two. He will also tell you about the most elegant posing with a kimono. What about feeling a modeling experience? Enjoy your photo session with free accessories too!

¥4,598 (with tax) / per group / all date for google photo
+¥330 (with tax) / per an additional print
+¥2,200 (with tax) / per four pictures sent by email (JPG file)
These prices do not include tax nor kimono rental fee

Cultural Experiences

Koto : traditional Japanese harp

Sadō: Tea Ceremony

Kanazawa has kept the traditional Japanese culture more than other Japanese cities. Why don't you try a unique cultural experience wearing kimono?
We offer you two cultural experience programs: playing Koto harp or joining a tea ceremony.
You can try playing the Koto harp in the old-established shop of traditional Japanese musical instruments.
At a traditional Machiya house in a geisha district, you can try the Tea Ceremony. There, you can learn how to behave when you are joining a tea ceremony and enjoy delicious Japanese sweets and Matcha green tea.
You can choose the best plan for you. Each plan takes about one hour of Japanese culture experience. With our plans you will feel the spirit of Japan and learn to have graceful manners and behavior according to the Japanese etiquette.
This plan is our original. Let's experience Japanese traditions in Kanazawa!

¥3,025 (with tax) / One lesson per person
This price does not include tax nor kimono rental fee

These plans do not include a professional interpreter when you are attending the cultural activities. The instructor can give you a lesson in basic English, but if you want to have an interpreter for the lesson, feel free to ask us. We can offer you one for an additional fee.